mental_floss Announces $50,000 Tuition Giveaway


College isn't cheap—a fact I'm reminded of once a month, when Sallie Mae's collections department demands another $204. At this rate, my loans should be paid off around the time my daughter matriculates. (She just turned eight-weeks old.)

With the price of tuition continually going up, we decided to do something about it. So, mental_floss is announcing a big Tuition Giveaway! We'll be awarding five $10,000 scholarships. And the best part is, you don't even have to be a good student to claim one. You just have to be interesting. Here's a quote directly from the Official Entry Form:

"In 750 words or less, explain why you (as the most deserving person on the planet) should win a $10,000 prize for tuition/books in the fall of 2009."

That's it! The contest is open to full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the U.S. or Canada in the fall of 2009. (Applicants must turn 18 by August 15, 2009.) The contest closes on January 31, 2009, and full details can be found at

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Before signing off, I should thank our co-sponsors, Borders and Merriam-Webster. (I should also urge you to go to Borders and buy a dictionary.) And if you've got a question about the Tuition Giveaway, I bet we have an answer in our Tuition Giveaway FAQ. Good luck!