7 Quick Facts About G.E. Smith


When it came to preserving early-1990s TV history, I was rather overzealous. In addition to A Concert for Life and the 1992 NFL Pro Bowl, I recorded every episode of Saturday Night Live, starting with the Jason Priestly/Teenage Fanclub classic from February 1992. One of the show's staples that era was G.E. Smith, of "G.E. Smith & The Saturday Night Live Band" fame.

While I knew G.E. was no longer involved, I'm not sure I remember him leaving the show. (I watched decidedly less television from 1995-2003.) His name just came up here in the office, so I decided to see what I could (quickly) learn about George Edward.

1. From 1979-1985, he was the lead guitarist for Hall & Oates.

2. While moonlighting as the SNL bandleader, he toured with Bob Dylan. ("I would fly home from various places on the globe to do the SNL show. Both Bob and Lorne were very understanding about giving me the time that I needed. I would work with Bob during the week, then come home for Saturday's show.")

3. He was married to Gilda Radner from 1980-82. Previously, he was the guitarist for her 1979 Broadway show, Gilda Live.

4. He wrote the Wayne's World theme song with Mike Myers.

5. He hasn't been a regular on SNL since 1995. (From the San Jose Mercury News: "The faces on Saturday Night Live this fall won't include the grimaces and contortions of flaxen-haired bandleader G.E. Smith. Smith, the guitarist who headed the house band since 1986, was fired for the 1995-'96 season, NBC said. The network offered no reason Tuesday for his dismissal.")

6. He will answer your guitar-related questions on his MySpace page, which is "sanctioned by G.E. Smith but not maintained by him."

7. Earlier this decade, he was part of the house band at Cleveland Browns Stadium. (Any Browns fans remember this?)