As promised, today's list is Ben & Jerry's flavors that have kicked the bucket. Maybe for good reason... but I'd sure be intrigued to try them. Kind of like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

black and tan1. Black & Tan. Chocolate & cream stout ice creams topped with a cream stout ice cream head. This guy was not even two years old - he lasted from March 2006-December 2007. There's a helpful review at, where the picture comes from.

2. Capecodder. I can't find a single reference to what was actually in the Capecodder. I feel like it was maybe chocolate-covered lobster bits and cranberries. I know there are some Ben & Jerry's people that perused the site a while ago - if you're still reading, give us a hint!

3. Chips 'n' Dip. This one was listed along with some other dubious flavors (pepperoni pizza with anchovy swirl?!) during a 2006 call for new flavor ideas from the general public.

4. Economic Crunch, which we could probably use right about now.

It was vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds, pecans and walnuts. It was created in response to the tanking stock market in 1987. Hmm. Feels like history is repeating itself. Anyway, following the development of Economic Crunch and it's sister, That's Life (apple pie flavor), Ben & Jerry's sent their free scoop vehicle to Wall Street to try to soothe the panicked stockbrokers with a little sugar.

5. Jalapeno Lime Ice. 'Nuff said.

6. Tennessee Mud. I'd be all over this one, since it combines two of my favorite beverages: coffee and Jack Daniels. The base is coffee ice cream, mixed with Amaretto, JD, and roasted slivered almonds. Yum. Alas, I'm apparently alone in thinking it sounds good - it lasted only a year, from 1988 to 1989.

pbj7. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich also sounds pretty delicious to me - peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter chips and a swirl of strawberry jam. One scoop of that and one scoop of Chips 'n' Dip, and you've got lunch!

8. Concession Obsession sounds really wonderful, but I think I feel diabetes coming on just reading about it: vanilla bean ice cream with nonpareils, fudge-covered crisped rice candy (like Nestle's Crunch, I'm assuming), peanuts dipped in fudge and a caramel candy swirl. So good.

9. Bloody Mary Sorbet. From the sounds of it, this one never made it out of development, but it was in the running to become an actual flavor at one point.

doughnuts10. Duff & D'oh!Nuts was part of The Simpsons Movie publicity blitz last year. It was chocolate and cream stout ice cream with chunks of glazed chocolate doughnuts. It was only available at the premiere of the movie in Springfield, Vermont, and in Scoop Shops the night before the DVD release.

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