The Quick 10: 10 People Banned For Life From Stuff

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2. Pete Rose: Take Me Out of the Ballgame
Though he claimed he never bet against the Reds, the team he managed, Rose was banned from Baseball and from induction eligibility into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

3. Eftis Paraskevaides: Banned from eBay
Eftis, an antiquities dealer from Cambridgeshire, was banned for life from the online auction site for "shill bidding," or artificially driving up the prices of bids. Almost too easy ... er, to get caught, that is.

4. John Green: You're Piston Me Off!

John Green ignited the infamous Pistons-Pacers Brawl when he threw a full cup at Ron Artest, who subsequently charged into the stands. Green has since be banned from all Piston home games.

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6. Wes Scantlin: Messed with the King
The Puddle of Mud singer found himself banned from Graceland for jumping into a pool without permission, a much lamer version of ...

7. The Who: Banned from Holiday Inns
A rumor perpetuated by Keith Moon himself that the band was banned for, in part, submerging a Lincoln in the hotel's pool. Now that's Rock 'n Roll.

8. Tonya Harding: Go Figure
You guys know the details on this one, with Harding being banned from Figure Skating after her alleged involvement in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. But are you as familiar with Harding's second career?

9. Andrew Dice Clay: Too Rude for MTV?
Too much profanity and sexism in his routines lead this comedian to be the blackballed by most of the industry (it sure must take a lot to get banned form MTV, is all I'm saying)

10. Benny Villani: (you can't make up a name like that): NY Waste Management? Fuggedaboudit.
Seemingly straight out of the Sopranos, Villani's alleged mob connections and shady deals caused his name to be added to a long list of those banned from the city's waste collection/removal/disposal industry.

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If you've ever been banned from something (preferably, for life), add yourself to the list by leaving a comment.