History of the World Photo Contest


As of today, The Mental Floss History of the World is available in bookstores everywhere. Judging from the Amazon stats, many of you have already ordered your copies. (Thanks!!) Mine arrived this afternoon.

Once you get your hands on the book, we want you to show it a good time. So, let's hold a History of the World Photo Contest. Here's how to enter:

1) Get a copy of The Mental Floss History of the World.
2) Do something fun and bring the book with you. Be creative—visit an obscure historical site, grab some food, coordinate your outfits, involve animals. Whatever you want.
3) Take a picture.
4) Send it to flossypics@gmail.com (with the subject "History").

We'll award several prizes for particularly clever photos, including one $50 gift card to the mental_floss store, and two $25 gift cards. We'll post some of our favorites here on the blog.

The deadline is Monday, November 3rd, at 11:59pm.

As a bonus, if you go to your local bookstore and pose with a copy of History of the World while there, you'll be entered in a separate drawing to win one of three free t-shirts. Send your photo to that same flossypics@gmail.com address.

If there are no questions, I'll let you start planning your entries. Can't wait to see what you come up with.