The Quick 10: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Michelle Obama


We know lots "“ maybe way too much "“ about John McCain and Barack Obama. And we know a little bit about their wives, too. Set aside the politics, though, and Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama are very interesting women in their own rights. So today and tomorrow we're going to focus on the two of them, minus their presidential-hopeful husbands.

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2. She is childhood friends with Jesse Jackson's daughter Santita, who sang at their 1992 wedding.

3.She and her brother (who is only 16 months older than her) both skipped second grade, which appears to be pretty common in the Robinson family: both of their parents skipped a grade as well.

4. Competition with her brother motivated her in her education. When she visited him at Princeton, she thought, "I'm smarter than he is," and decided right there that she wanted to apply at the school. She did, even though some of her teachers advised against it, and got in.

5. Her dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was in his 20s.

6. She used to be a trademark/copyright lawyer for Sidley Austin in Chicago (which is where she met Barack, who was interning there).

7. She quit Sidley Austin to work in various public service jobs for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

8. She once brought her then-four-month-old daughter to a job interview. With another daughter, she wasn't sure if she wanted the job or not, and brought Sasha to sort of sabotage the interview. She did such a fine job interviewing, she was offered the position anyway.

9. She likes off-the-rack clothes for campaigning, including the Gap, J. Crew, White House/Black Market and H&M. However, she also likes clothes by couture designer Maria Pinto.

10. As a kid, her favorite toys were Barbie and Easy-Bake Oven.

Stay tuned for Cindy McCain tomorrow! And thanks to Kathleen Pierce for the research.