HDYK and other contest updates


So we've selected a random winner for the Jackie Hoffman CD, Kristin Beach, who was one of dozens with the right answer from my malapropism post: "The "˜malaprop man' from the movie Kissing Jessica Stein "“ "˜Normally I'm a pretty self-defecating guy.' "“ in the comments section."

Congrats Kristin! We'll be in touch and send you the CD.

Perhaps more importantly: the next How Did You Know? trivia hunt will be starting this coming Tuesday, as we shake it up a bit this month. Instead of a Mon-Fri contest, we'll be posting the four main challenges Tue-Fri, giving you the weekend to work on your answers for the main puzzle, which will now go up on Monday at 8:00 pm ET. We had a few complaints from people who said it was often hard to fire off that winning e-mail during work hours because a meeting would be stuck on the calendar at the last minute, or a phone call would interrupt them. In addition to the usual winner, we'll also be selecting one random winner (that is, someone with all the correct answers). Mr. or Mrs. Random will get a pick of any t-shirt in our store.
So hopefully this will give more people an opportunity to play. And not a moment too soon because our winners, Avery Dale, Ken Laskowski, Colin Utley, and Hayley Wells, are going for the big trifecta this month.

Is there anyone out there smart enough, fast enough, dare I say CRAZY enough to knock them off?

Tune in on Tuesday and find out as we kick off another fun HDYK?