6 Things to Know about My Three Sons


Beverly Garland passed away earlier this week, and while some movie-goers remember her as the "Queen of Screams" thanks to her extensive work in B-level horror films, the rest of us (well, me at least) will always recall her as the woman who finally enticed Steve Douglas to the altar on My Three Sons. Even though My Three Sons ran for 12 years, in the grand scheme of classic TV, we really don't hear very much about it. I'm here to rectify that situation in my own little way"¦

1. An Intro to the Intro

To kick things off, if you're not familiar with it, My Three Sons literally had the most toe-tappin' theme song on TV. Check it out!

2. How Fred MacMurray Inspired Sitcom Actors to Work (a lot) Less

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3. The Problem with Housework

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4. The Scoop Behind Why Mike Moved Away

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5. The Next Generation (aka The Three Son's Three Sons)

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6. Avoiding Cousin Oliver Syndrome

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