12 Meals or Bust


In 2007, a young man by the name of Ryan Giesel created a Facebook group called If 100,000 people join, I'll eat every McDonald's value meal, #1-12. He wrote:

I will consume every value meal from McDonalds, starting with the Big Mac all the way to the Fish Fillet. I cannot get up, it will all be done in one sitting. I will consume every piece of food, but I can drink at my own discretion, I do not have to finish all twelve drinks. We will be recording this extravaganza for your viewing pleasures. This is what I will consume if 100,000 people join this group: #1 - Big Mac #2 - 2 Cheeseburgers #3 - Quarter Pounder w/ cheese #4 - Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese #5 - Big N' Tasty #6 - Double Cheeseburger #7 - Chicken Ranch BLT Sandwich #8 - Premium Chicken Club Sandwich #9 - Chicken McNuggets (10 piece) #10 - Chicken Selects #11 - Premium Chicken Classic Sandwich #12 - Fillet-O-Fish -All fries with every value meal has to be eaten as well.

And, this being a global village and everything, a food blog called So Good picked up the story in 2008. Within days, 100,010 people joined the group. Giesel proceeded to attempt the feat, and a friend documented the whole thing in a fairly juvenile video. To quote the So Good blog:

So did he do it? NO. Ryan hit his 10th meal and then quit. He never even made it to the dreaded Filet-o-Fish. Downing 10 meals is an incredible performance, but in the end he came up short. Sadly, his night ended not in a moment of glory, but with intense vomiting in the parking lot....

Let this be a lesson to you, young people of the world. If you bet against the Internet, you will lose. But on the bright side, lots and lots of people will watch the video of you losing.