The Quick 10: 10 Undignifed Deaths


I don't know that there is ever a particularly dignified way to die, I guess, but these 10 seemed especially unseemly. Note to self: don't do drugs while sitting on the toilet. Well, don't do drugs at all. You know what I mean.

1. Chris Farley. We all know he died of an accidental overdose, but it's rumored that he had hired an exotic dancer to keep him company the night of his death. When he collapsed, the dancer thought he was doing one of his comic routines, snapped a picture, and left. If there's truth to this story, my guess is that she knew exactly what was happening and didn't want to be implicated in anything.

2. Lenny Bruce. Famous comedian Lenny Bruce died in his bathroom. A quick Google search will surely net you a photo of how he was found, if you're interested. If you're like me and prefer to read about it, he was naked with a syringe and a burned bottle cap lying near him.

3. Elvis, of course. No, he didn't die on the toilet, like everyone says, but it was pretty close. He was sitting there when he became ill (the placement of vomit and vomit stains indicated this in the official report, anyway) and then stumbled a few feet away to where he died. An undignified death, whether he was actually sitting on it or not.

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6. Orville Redenbacher. His isn't so bad, but he was found dead in his bathroom like so many others. No, it wasn't a speedball that did the 88-year-old popcorn king in, it was the Whirlpool. Sadly, Orville drowned when he had a heart attack in the spa.

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9. Jean Danielou was a French Cardinal whose death may or may not have been undignified. Well, it was, but whether he was there for undignified purposes or not remains to be seen: he was in the stairwell of a brothel when he died. Although many suspected Pope John-like sinning, many people said that he often visited brothels "“ to pray with and counsel the destitute women who were selling themselves.

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