Ladies Playing Ukuleles


The web is great for lots of things: videos of pets doing unusual things, breaking news about something Christian Bale said a long time ago, and even, you know, news and learning and stuff. But I think its most important function is to bring us videos of ladies playing ukuleles. Today, I've gathered up a few of my favorite ladies-playing-ukuleles videos to prove my point.

Charley in the Bathtub

Charley, singer/ukuleleist for Portland band Bird Announced Land invites her friends over for a song in the bathtub. And what a song it is! If you haven't heard Charley's voice, you're in for a treat.

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Molly is best known by her YouTube handle, sweetafton23. She has been covering various songs on YouTube for years now, along with some originals. She's also been spotted opening for Jonathan Coulton at recent gigs! Here's Molly's ukulele version of Dylan's classic "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright":

See also: Molly's internet-famous cover of Britney Spears's "Toxic."

Taimane Gardner's Surf-Rock Uke

Here's a street recording (from Waikiki) of Taimane Gardner shredding her way through the surf classic "Wipe Out" on a six-string ukulele. Hardcore:

See also: Taimane performing a "Wipe Out"/"Johnny B. Goode" medley; and a blistering live performance of "Wipe Out" by the Ventures.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

If Tamaine's ukulele chops weren't hardcore enough, check out Brittni Paiva's virtuoso performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on solo ukulele:

See also: The Sweetest Song Ever.

What are your favorite ukulele recordings? They don't even have to be from ladies...share them in the comments! (You can post links as long as you leave off the 'http://' bit.)