The Quick 10: The 10 Most Annoying Things Your Co-Workers Do


I'm not sure that I agree with this list from Forbes "“ some of them, yes. But there are definitely a few missing... one of my pet peeves is listening to loud phone conversations that aren't work-related. OK, loud phone conversations annoy me even if they are work-related, but at least you can make a case for those. The other day I actually heard someone making an appointment with their OB-GYN and describing her problem in detail. I'm not kidding. It's called a cell phone, people, go out in the hallway and use it. Anyway. Be sure to let us know if you've experienced any of the items on the Forbes list below, and if we've missed one of your biggest annoyances, share that as well.

1. Eating food that others bring in, but never reciprocating. Eh. I'd call this a minor irritant, but I guess it depends on how big your office is.

2. Shouting over cubicles to have a conversation.

3. Standing around someone's desk and talking so it's hard for them to get work done.

4. Not putting cell phones on vibrate or silent. I've got one of those in my office, too. If I hear "Sweet Home Alabama" one more time, I swear I'm going to pull a Jim Halpert and put her phone up in the ceiling tiles.

popcorn /

5. Eating smelly food.

I have

no sense of smell

, but one of my coworkers always complains about someone in the office who apparently puts vinegar on her breakfast. And there's always the dreaded burnt popcorn.

6. Borrowing things from a co-worker's desk without asking or returning the item.


if it's your red Swingline stapler.

7. Playing solitaire on a PDA during a meeting.

Everyone acts like they're busy answering e-mails on their BlackBerries, but you know they're just playing Minesweeper.

8. Turning your radio on loud enough for everyone to hear.

9. Leaving water on the counter in the bathroom

so when the next person washes their hands and leans up against the sink, they get a line of water across their pants.

10. Leaving the office kitchen a mess.

Because that just leads to nasty notes like the one pictured.

And if spewing off in our comments wasn't enough of an outlet for you, check out Annoying Coworker, a site that lets you send an anonymous e-mail to your co-worker to let them know what their annoying behavior is. Note: I don't recommend actually doing that, but it's fun to read some of the others.

Photo from the always fabulous Passive Aggressive Notes.