The Quick 10: 10 Celebrities Who Didn't Go from Rags to Riches


While a fair number of celebrities come from classic rags-to-riches stories, or at least Gap-to-Gucci stories, there are also some who were born into wealth and success. I'm not saying that they didn't make it in their own right "“ I think our #1 spot on the list has certainly made his own name for himself. But the people on today's Q10 definitely had some connections and privileges that the average person didn't.

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3. Carly Simon's dad is the "Simon" of Simon and Schuster: he co-founded it.

4. Barbara Walters is the daughter of Lou Walters, who founded the famous "Latin Quarter" nightclub. As the result of owning such a glamorous joint, celebrities were at her house all of the time and she spent a lot of time at the clubs. "This is where I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas and birthdays and prom nights," she once said. As rich as her dad once was, she said he was also very good at losing it all because of the business gambles he took.

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7. Linda McCartney was an heiress, but not to the obvious. Her maiden name was Eastman, and when she once told a reporter that her family had nothing to do with the Eastman-Kodak company, Paul feigned being upset and said, "What? I've been had!" But Linda was an heiress: her mother was Louise Lindner Eastman, whose dad founded Lindner Department Stores.

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10. Oliver Stone's father was a prominent stockbroker in New York. His dad was anxious for him to follow in the family footsteps and arranged for him to attend all of the best schools and even work at a French financial exchange. He was admitted to Yale but dropped out twice, although he eventually attended film school at NYU. As you can see, that worked out for him.