7 Major League Baseball Stadium Icons

Ernie Tyler is given a tribute for attending 3,769 consecutive baseball games.
Ernie Tyler is given a tribute for attending 3,769 consecutive baseball games. / Greg Fiume, Getty Images

Every baseball stadium has its characters, including fans, hecklers, and longtime team employees. These people are as much a part of the identity of a team as the players themselves. Here's a not-at-all-exhaustive list of seven baseball stadium icons, beginning with the woman who set the standard upon which future generations of icons would be judged.

1. Hilda Chester: Cowbell Lady

If Christopher Walken attended a Brooklyn Dodgers game in the 1930s, he may have clamored for less cowbell. Hilda Chester wouldn't have listened. Chester, who had a job filling individual peanut bags before Dodger home games, was a regular heckler in the bleachers at Ebbets Field. After Chester suffered a heart attack, her physician forbade her from yelling, so she let her presence be known by banging a frying pan and an iron ladle instead. In the late 1930s, Dodgers players presented Chester with a brass cowbell, which she rang while berating players "“ against her doctor's orders "“ in her Brooklyn accent until the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Chester died in 1978, but is still considered one of the most iconic baseball fans of all-time.

2. Ronnie Wickers: "Woo Woo"

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3. Mike Brito: The Radar Gun Guy

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4. John Adams: The Drummer

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5. Ernie Tyler: The 84-Year-Old Ball Boy

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6. Mark Simons: The Doorman

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7. Robert Szasz: The Happy Heckler

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