Cat Blogging and Blogging Cats


After pornography, cats are possibly the most popular subject matter on the internet. They're cute, they can be really funny, and most internet users have at least one of their own. Blogs are an easy way to bring more cat content to internet users on a regular basis. Here's an overview of some of the types of cat blogging going on at a website near you.

Video Blogging

The hefty but adorable Scottish Fold named Maru has made quite a splash in the English-speaking world even though his blog is in Japanese. There's no language barrier in cat videos! Maru has a love for boxes both large and small. See more at Maru's YouTube channel.


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Hobotopia is the home of the Laugh Out Loud Cats webcomic by Adam Koford. These cats are hobos in a low-tech world where common idioms found in LOLcat-speak don't mean quite the same things they do in normal internet use.

Photo Blog

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I Can Has Cheezburger doesn't follow any particular cats, but is a user-generated photoblog featuring submitted LOLcats. The site has an application anyone can use to add captions to a picture and submit it for consideration.

Individual Cat Blog

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Blogs that feature the personal lives of individual cats are often written from the cat's point of view. Daily Tails of Chase is a blog dedicated to one very special cat named Chase. Chase was in an accident as a kitten and lost her face, namely, her cheek skin, eyelids, and nose. She also had to have one leg amputated. Chase is a therapy cat, working with Paws for Friendship to inspire others with deformities.


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As Twitter has grown, it has welcomed its share of cats like the rest of the blogosphere. One of the most successful Twittering cats is Sockington, who has 326,000 followers! Then there's Gus and Penny, who need no human to type their Tweets. Thanks to the technical bent of their owners, their cat door blogs for them! Gus and Penny wear RFID tags on their collars. When they go through the cat door, a picture is taken and an update is automatically sent to Twitter. The cats' "ins and outs" are all published for their over 900 followers. Shown is Penny coming into the house.

Cats as Consumers

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Modern Cat brings us products and trends for cats and cat lovers. You won't find many cats on this blog, but it's still all about cats. Shown is a post about an elevated cat dish from Verv Design.

Part-time Cat Blogging

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Many blogs that aren't about cats still make room for them as a regular feature. Friday cat blogging goes on at general interest, personal, science, and even political blogs. This is common among bloggers who don't like to work on weekends (or even Fridays). Cynical-C has categories for both Friday Cat Blogging and Guest Cat Blogging. Shown is the oft-featured Cynikitty.

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Then there's Caturday! Fark has a Caturday thread every Saturday, in which users post their latest or funniest cat photos and captions. Some threads have a distinct sub-theme depending on the cat story of the week, such as cats in trash bins and Halloween cats.

Lists of more cat blogs can be found at Squidoo, Cat Blogosphere, Blog Catalog, and the voluminous blogroll at Skeezix's Cat Blog Help Center.

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