The Quick 10: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


When I travel, I usually stay at pretty commonplace hotels: Ramadas, Hampton Inns, places like that. I'm not the kind of person who spends much time at the hotel when I'm on vacation, so it doesn't really matter to me how luxurious it is when I'm mostly just there to sleep.

However, I just booked the Hollywood Roosevelt for my trip in May and I'm pretty dang excited about it. It may be considered overrated these days thanks to people like Lindsay Lohan taking up residence there (not currently, thank God), but it's also steeped in history. And it's so deliciously Tower of Terror (I know, I know: Tower of Terror is actually deliciously Hollywood Roosevelt). Anyway, to fuel my fire, I thought I'd share a few Roosevelt Hotel facts with you today.

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3. It's rumored that Errol Flynn drummed up his famous recipe for bootleg gin in a big tub in the hotel's barber shop.

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7. There's a suite on the top floor known as the Gable-Lombard suite; it's where Clark and Carole used to have weekend dalliances while Clark was going through his divorce. It used to cost $1200, but the word is that the owner has taken up residence there and no longer rents it out.

8. David Niven has said that when he was first trying to make it as an actor, one of the desk clerks felt sorry for him and gave him a tiny little room between the elevator and the air conditioning unit and charged him practically nothing. So that explains how one actor could afford the Roosevelt; what about the rest?

9. Movies or T.V. shows with scenes filmed at the Roosevelt include Beverly Hills Cop II, Catch Me If You Can, Curb Your Enthusiasm and I Love Lucy.

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Can you tell I've got a bit of wanderlust right now? If you've been to the Roosevelt, share your experiences in the comments and let me know the dos and don'ts. Will I regret my splurge? Or is it totally worth the extra bucks?

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