What You Missed & What We Learned

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you missed:

Top 5 Stories Originally Posted This Week

1. Who Approved That? 7 Food Promotions Gone Horribly Wrong , by Mario Marsicano

2. Crimes Perpetrated by Ferris Bueller (and Accomplices) During His Day Off, by Chris Higgins

3. Photo Gallery: Our Readers' Tattoos, by the readers who sent in pictures of their tattoos

4. "Innocent" Ideas That Prompted Mass Hysteria, by Linda Rodriguez

5. What's in a (Horse) Name? No More Than 18 Characters, by Scott Allen

Top 5 Most Commented Stories

1. Photo Gallery: Our Readers' Tattoos, by the readers who sent in pictures of their tattoos

2. The Ad Council's Greatest Hits, by Kara Kovalchik

3. Picasa vs. Flickr, by David K. Israel

4. R.I.P. Bea Arthur, by Kara Kovalchik

5. The Quick 10: Rain, Rain, Go Away, by Stacy Conradt

Top 3 Quizzes Originally Posted This Week

neil-patrick.jpg /

1. Doogie Howser's Diary or Random Twitter Update? by Jason English

2. Ford the River? An Oregon Trail Quiz, by Jason Plautz

3. Bill Backs, by Sandy Wood & Kara Kovalchik

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7 Other Things We Learned

1. We can't blame the Spanish for the Spanish Flu of 1918.

2. They don't make swine flu PSAs like they used to.

3. Fish can get seasick.

4. You can buy poetry in vending machines.

5. If a pitched ball lodges in the umpire's or catcher's mask, all runners advance one base.

6. Rare whiskey is a sound investment.

7. mental_floss co-founder Mangesh Hattikudur is no longer eligible for the Inc. list of the "30 Coolest Entrepreneurs Under 30."
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