Top 11 Live Web Cams


Live Web cams have changed in the last couple years. They're no longer crappy still images updated once or twice a minute, or moving images that look like they're being shot through beer goggles.

Now you get some pretty clear footage of some pretty amazing locations, and some even let YOU control the camera (at least until your time runs out, or someone else in the queue takes over).

We combed the Web looking for the Top 11 (yes, ours go to 11!) so you wouldn't have to. The following were plucked out of hundreds, based on quality of cam, inter-activeness, or just plain-ol' fascinating location.

As always, be sure to include a link to your favorites (if we left one off the list) in the comments below.

11. Panda Cam

Zoo Atlanta's famous Pandas Lun Lun, Yang Yang, Mei Lan and Xi Lan. This cam is live during the weekdays only, 10-5 ET.

(Click images to see live cams)

10. University of Pittsburgh

Perched high atop the Cathedral of Learning, the second tallest education building in the world (535 feet), this cam shows off not only the Pitt campus, but lots of historic Pittsburgh, as well.

uofpitt.png /

9. Statue of Liberty

Okay, so she doesn't move around much on her perch there. But now that the scaffolding is down, it's nice to check in from time to time and remember our idealistic origins.

statue of liberty.png
statue of liberty.png /

8. Zurich live

Nice view from the Marriott Hotel across the rivers Sihl and Limmat, the Main Railway Station, the Swiss National Museum and downtown Zürich.

zurich.png /

7. Niagara Falls

Sadly, this is as close to the famous falls as this blogger has ever gotten. Maybe that's why I like this cam so much.

niagra falls.png
niagra falls.png /

6. Lucky Dog Cams

Check out the awesome quality of these puppies. You've got seven crystal clear camera views to see whats happening at the Lucky Dog Resort & Training School. Hours of fun for any dog owner.

dog camp.png
dog camp.png /

5. The Kotel in Jerusalem

In Hebrew, the Western Wall is called the Kotel Ma'aravi, literally "the wall west."

kotel.png /

4. Greenwich Village

Great controls on this one let you pick from many different live cams. For those who've never visited Christopher Street, or have only seen it in films, this is a great time killer.

greenich village.png
greenich village.png /

3. Tom and Liz's Live Garden Cams

Three cams (with sound!) in Prairie Village, Kansas: One on a Koi pond, the second, on bird-feeders. Another is a live streaming Flash feed.

tomliz.png /

2. Moon Cam

I know I said cams no longer provided static shots updated every minute, but some still do, and some are still worth checking in with every so often. This one you just have to see; it's from the KErmIt Satellite Mission, in high orbit over the moon

moon.png /

1. Freedom Tower, Ground Zero

Watch the construction of the Freedom Tower from three different views plus a cool time-lapse function that lets you see it all from the beginning forward. I believe some of these images will be used in a composite for a feature-length film after construction is complete.

groundzerocams.png /