The First Good News to Hit the Newsstands!


There's a lot of horrible, terrible, no good, very bad news out there. And it's definitely dominating the headlines (just take a look at the pic that Terri took at the local Books-a-Million). But that's exactly why mental_floss decided to print up a new issue, 100% full of stories guaranteed to make you smile! 

Our Good News issue is filled with weird and funny and incredible tales that are bound to put you in a better mood. In fact, if you asked us to tell you our favorite story from the issue, it'd be like 72 pages of Sophie's choices. But since you (hypothetically) asked, here are a few of the top contenders:

* Nabokov's New Novel (Seriously! It's coming out this year.)

* A Man from Wales who Foot Races against Horses... and Wins!Â

* A (Very) Loving Way to Get Rid of  your Allergies (The strangest, funniest theory we've ever seen on the subject.)Â

* Bulletproof Underwear

* The daring story of two East German families and their incredible hot air balloon ride/escape from communism. Â

* And why the Joy of Cooking is one of the most important books in American history (We didn't believe it till we read it). Â

But that just scratches the surface. There's also the story of how klutzy Arthur Conan Doyle was (the young adventure-seeker kept falling overboard while on a Arctic cruise), or the Little Houdini who keeps breaking out of prison again and again and hot wiring trucks to see his parents, and tons, tons more. So make yourself (and our editors!) happy and pick it up today. Oh, and if you'd rather have it delivered to your house, we can do that for you too! Just click here.