The Quick 10: 10 People Who Have Won a Grammy, a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy


It's obviously a huge accomplishment to win an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony or an Emmy. But to win all four? That's a feat so rare that only 10 people have ever accomplished it "“ at least, so far. Here they are:

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3. Rita Moreno is making me eat my words, though, because she also has a Presidential Medal of Freedom. To be fair, they are the only two on the list who do. Rita was awarded hers in 2004 by George W. Bush. Her Oscar was for West Side Story, of course, and her Tony was for The Ritz. It's her Grammy and Emmy awards that I think are the coolest, though: her Best Recording for Children Grammy was for The Electric Company and her first Emmy was for her appearance on The Muppet Show!

4. John Gielgud is the only British entertainer to have achieved all four awards "“ a Tony for directing Big Fish, Little Fish in 1961, a Best Spoken Word Grammy for Ages of Man in 1979, the Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries or Special Emmy for Summer's Lease, and the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 1981's Arthur.

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7. Jonathan Tunick received all four awards for accomplishments in composing and arranging over a span of 20 years, but what you probably know him best for is the most recent award that completed the superfecta for him "“ the orchestration of the 1997 Titanic musical (not the 1997 DiCaprio-Winslet sobfest).

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9. Mike Nichols, whom you also might know as Diane Sawyer's husband, has won most of his awards for directing or producing. But his very first "“ a 1961 Grammy "“ was won for his comedic performance on An Evening With Mike Nichols and Elaine May. The first of his eight Tonys was for directing 1964's Barefoot in the Park and his only Oscar was for directing The Graduate in 1967. The Emmys are relatively new "“ 2001 for directing and producing Wit, and then the same Emmys in 2004 for Angels in America.

10. Whoopi Goldberg. This one was a bit of a shock to some of us here at the _floss, but it's true! Ghost earned the Whoopster her only Oscar to date, and she earned her Best Comedy Recording Grammy five years earlier in 1985. She received both her Emmy and her Tony in 2002; the Emmy was for Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Live of Hattie McDaniel. I never could have guessed what the Tony was for, but maybe you guys are more educated in Broadway matters than I am. Give up? It was for producing Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Now, about Barbra Streisand. She's debatable because she has never actually won a competitive Tony. She received a "special" Tony in 1970 that she didn't have to compete for. And the same goes for Liza Minelli, although her questionable award is the Grammy. She never received one by competition, but she did receive a "Grammy Legend" award in 1990. What do you think"¦ should they count?

Here's a list of some of the living people who have received three of the four "“ who do you think will be added to the Four Awards list next? Share with us in the comments!

No Tony:
Woody Allen
Julie Andrews (seriously?!)
Burt Bacharach
Randy Newman
Barbra (sort of)
John Williams
Robin Williams

No Grammy:
Liza (sort of)
Al Pacino
Vanessa Redgrave
Geoffrey Rush
Maggie Smith

No Emmy:
Elton John
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Tim Rice
Stephen Sondheim

No Oscar:
James Earl Jones
Cynthia Nixon
Lily Tomlin
Dick Van Dy