Dr. Strange Will Kill Us All


It is with much trepidation that I send this blog to you via Morse Code from Mystery Island. I'm terribly concerned that scientific genius Dr. Strange is running amok with his Projector Beam Ray. Strange is intent on world domination, and if his awesome cape is any indication of his power, I pray for all of us. Below, I bring you an important video demonstrating the Projector Beam Ray weapon and its effects on Mystery Island.

Fortunately our heroes, flying above the island in their aircraft Nimbus, have some sort of robot named P.O.P.S. which will either save or destroy the world, after serving as the MacGuffin for as long as possible. (Also note that P.O.P.S. is identical to the Lost in Space robot GUNTER, which is totally creepy and low-rent.) And who are our heroes? Chuck Kelly is the plane's pilot; Sue Corwin is a computer expert and apparent flight attendant; and Sue's brother Sandy doesn't have a job, but it's cool if he just hangs out, right?

All of this is complicated by: a) The Mud People, b) Dr. Strange's Gravity Ray, c) a forcefield created from P.O.P.S. robot parts, d) a thought-extracting brain-frying computer thingy, and e) Dr. Strange's awesome beard power. Watch in horror and amazement and more horror.

More on Mystery Island from Wikipedia. Hmm. An airplane crashes on a remote island due to science experiments on the island. The survivors must battle with island inhabitants for survival and control over mysterious science stuff. I wonder where I've heard that lately.