31 Unbelievable High School Mascots


Last week, we declared that the Laurel Hill Hoboes had the best high school nickname/mascot/logo combination. (A close second: the Chinook Sugar Beeters.) We invited readers to try to top these memorable logos, and try to top them you did. Here are 27 pretty great ones, followed by our two favorite submissions.

mascot1b /

1. Huntington Beach Oilers (Huntington Beach, California); 2. Fisher Bunnies (Fisher, Illinois); 3. Avon Old Farms Winged Beavers (Avon, Connecticut)

mascot2 /

4. Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossoms (Blooming Prarie, Minnesota); 5. Poca Dots (Poca, West Virginia); 6. Orofino Maniacs (Orofino, Idaho)

mascot3 /

7. Camas Papermakers (Camas, Washington); 8. Hesston Swathers (Hesston, Kansas)

mascot4 /

9. Hickman Kewpies (Columbia, Missouri); 10. Coalinga Horned Toads (Coalinga, California); 11. Richland Bombers (Richland, Washington)

mascot5 /

12. Astoria Fighting Fishermen (Astoria, Oregon); 13. Mitchell Kernels (Mitchell, South Dakota); 14. Williamsport Millionaires (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)

mascot6 /

15. Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts (Kaukauna, Wisconsin); 16. Ridgefield Spudders (Ridgefield, Washington)

atom-smashers /

17. Johnson Atom Smashers (Savannah, Georgia)

mascot7 /

18. New Braunfels Unicorns (New Braunfels, Texas); 19. Live Oak Acorns (Morgan Hill, California); 20. Lockport Porters (Lockport, Illinois)

mascot8 /

21.Hoopeston Area Cornjerkers (Hoopeston, Illinois); 22. Frankfort Hot Dogs (Frankfort, Indiana); 23. Watersmeet Nimrods (Watersmeet, Michigan)

mascot9 /

24. New Berlin Pretzels (New Berlin, Illinois); 25. Vintage Crushers (Napa, California)

mascot10 /

26. Yuba City Honkers (Yuba City, California); 27. Chattanooga Central Purple Pounders (Harrison, Tennessee)

But since we have to play favorites, here are the two logos we'd love to see on a hat or t-shirt or license plate cover:

meloneers /

The Rocky Ford Meloneers (Rocky Ford, Colorado), submitted by johnlaf.

orphan-annies /

And finally, the Centralia High School Orphans (boys teams) & Annies (girls teams), submitted by Kathleen & Tom.

Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions. Honorable mention goes to the Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards, which is undeniably brilliant—I just couldn't find a good picture of the logo.

Update: Here's their scoreboard, courtesy of Nanook of the South...