8 Attention-Grabbing Soaps


At one time, soap was soap. You had your choice of deodorant soap or moisturizing soap, and maybe a few different scents. Today, there is no limit to the creativity put into a simple bar of soap.

1. Soapsicles

They look good, they smell good, but don't eat these Soapsicles! They won't melt until they come in contact with bathwater. The four flavors are Nilla Sammi (chocolate scented), Rainbow (fruit scented), Lemonade, and Pink-Confetti Cupcake (strawberry scented).

2. Reddit Alien Soap

460_reddit_soap1 /

You can now wash with your favorite internet aggregator site, as long as it's Reddit. The best part is that you can choose from two flavors, orange and bacon!

3. Hog Wash

350_hogwash /

A little soap pig, embedded in a mud bath of soap. It's called Hog Wash, and it does NOT smell like bacon.

4. Xbox Controller Soap

460Xboxsoap /

Your natural grip comes into play even in the shower with the Xbox controller bar of soap. From Digital Soaps, where you'll find other geeky soap designs.

5. Tomato Soap

380tomato soap
380tomato soap /

This hand-milled tomato soap contains tomato powder, with natural acid to help exfoliate the skin. It may also help to attract the opposite sex by making you smell like a pizza. If you prefer, you can make your own.

6. Breast Milk Soap

460_mothersmoon /

Dawnella Sutton makes and sells Mothers Moon Breastmilk Soap, which contains her own milk along with olive oil, glycerin, and honey. Your can buy this soap with lavender and/or oatmeal added. If you'd rather use your own breast milk, she has a recipe for you.

7. Black Soap

250_coalfacemain /

Coal Face is a black bar of soap. The company made a limited edition of the soap for a promotion of the movie Annie Hall because the title character used black soap, and it was so popular it is now a part of their regular lineup. It contains powdered charcoal, licorice root, and glitter in addition to more common soap ingredients.

8. Hand Soap

450_hand_soap /

Wash your hands with Hand Soap. Soap shaped like little hands! Each hand is hand made. Isn't that handy?