$50 Challenge Winner: Congratulations, Allison Young!


It took Allison Young all of five minutes to correctly answer the ten questions in our $50 Challenge. Congratulations! She's won a shopping spree in the mental_floss store. And this month's random t-shirt winners are Ryan Pelster and Meri Beck, who also had all the right answers. I'll be in touch about your prizes.

1. Who are the five leaders profiled for the "5 Gutsiest World Leaders" cover story?
Lula da Silva, Angela Merkel, Yoweri Museveni, Michelle Bachelet, Ma Ying-jeou

2. During a 1978 fundraising campaign, who sponsored the "˜D' in the Hollywood sign?
Dennis Lidtke

3. What are the names of the Navy's two largest hospital ships?
Comfort and Mercy

4. What's the answer to question #10 of Sandy & Kara's quiz on page 68?
k.d. lang

5. Finish this sentence: "The secret to good dirt eating is simply to ____________."
"choose wisely"

6. According to the New York Times, which of the following items was not on the menu when FDR hosted King George VI for a picnic?
a) Doughnuts, b) Hot Dogs, c) Jello, d) Cold Ham

c) Jello

7. What colleges do the five winners of our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway attend?
Mt. Holyoke College, Bucknell Univeristy, The University of Texas (Austin), Northwest Nazarene University, University of Virginia

8. Which has more calories, one Marshmallow Peep or one Chicken McNugget?
One McNugget

9. What artist is featured in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ad on the inside back cover?
Bruce Springsteen

10. Which of the following celebrities are not pictured on the "˜Readers and Their Famous Friends' page? a) Liberace, b) Mario Lopez, c) Sally Struthers
c) Sally Struthers

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