Our Weekend in Review: Decatur Book Festival & Dragon*Con


It was a busy Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, and the mental_floss staff was smack in the middle of the action. Not only were we rockin' the mental_floss booth at the Decatur Book Festival, but we were able to sneak away for a little fun at Dragon*Con on Saturday night.

For those unfamiliar with Dragon*Con, it is the largest Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention in the U.S. It takes over a whopping 3 convention-sized hotels in downtown Atlanta, and it is the see-and-be-seen event of the year for fans. Attendees dress in movie-worthy costumes and party all night. Here are just a few pics from our short time there—after all, we had another full day of Book Festivalling on Sunday, too.

8833_132967571815_588596815_3012713_8292116_n /

The Joker takes on a fully functional animatronic R2D2.

8833_132967561815_588596815_3012711_5045050_n /

Here I am with Rorschach of the blockbuster movie Watchmen.

8833_132967556815_588596815_3012710_5069947_n /

Animated series The Venture Brothers comes to life at Dragon*Con: Doctor Venture with his arch-nemeses The Monarch and his wife Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

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On the way out, I took a detour through Bat Country with the guys from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

8833_132967531815_588596815_3012705_7525918_n /

And here are _floss co-founder Will Pearson and my husband Ben enjoying the quietest moment we had at our booth at the Decatur Book Festival.

If you were at either Dragon*Con or at the Decatur Book Festival (or both, lucky you!), tell us your best stories in the comments!

We'd love to take our show on the road. At what other festivals would you like to see the mental_floss gang? Leave a comment with the link and maybe we'll meet you there.