10 of the Worst Sales Ever! (and 1 of the best)


In the spirit of Follow Friday, a little impromptu post inspired by a tweet I saw today from @kn0thing, where he'd linked to a photo he called the "Worst. "˜Sale.' Ever." Guess what? Turns out, there are a bunch more floating around online.

1. Worst. "Sale." Ever.

The photo that inspired the post: Yep, this XBox Guitar Hero World Tour was originally £144.99, until this store had the bright idea to mark it down to £144.98. Typo? Here's hoping some blokes weren't taken in by the false advertising hype.

2. Wal-Mart Cares

From Reid Kerr, we get this great find from his local Wal-Mart. Here he is, in his own words:

Walmart-Sale-793574 /

3. 0% Off

Picture 1
Picture 1 /

4. Worst Sale Ever?

sale /

gives us this lulu from Toys R Us. In his own words: "I took my kids to the toy store today - in a struggling economy, it's nice to see Toys R Us slashing prices like this."

5. Lamest sale sign ever

worstsale /

over at Flickr.com posted this one. It clearly rubbed him/her the wrong way"¦ understandable.

6. Save $-10

thebestthingever-thumb /

7. Less = More

Picture 3
Picture 3 /

8. Ikea Failvkstbord

ikea /

9. Three-of-a-Kind = a Special Kind of Find

salefail /

10. Prices Slashed! (the wrong way)

sale /

The Best Sale Ever!

Picture 2
Picture 2 /

Have your own Worst Sale Ever story/pic? Hit us back and tell the world. We'll include them and keep the list going... Yeah, go ahead, be our bloggers.