The Quick 10: The Former Names of 10 Bands


You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who has never heard of The Beach Boys or Led Zeppelin. The Pendletones and The New Yardbirds? Maybe not so much. Check out 10 bands who are probably thankful they changed their names before they hit the big time.

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4. Angels and Snakes may sound like a Guns "˜N' Roses reject name, but it was actually Blondie who went by that name for a while (or Angel and the Snake, depending on which source you believe). The name change was inspired by truck drivers who shouted at Debbie Harry.

5. Can you imagine "Stairway to Heaven" by The New Yardbirds? Members of Led Zeppelin actually completed a tour for the original Yardbirds (including Jimmy Page) who were contractually obligated to do so. They got permission to use the name to complete the tour for them, but before too long it was decided that touring as the New Yardbirds was basically fraudulent and they change their name.

6. We could all be playing Johnny and the Moondogs Rock Band right now and enjoying their remastered albums if the Beatles hadn't come to their senses. To be fair, it was John Lennon's skiffle group back before the band was really solidified.

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10. Perhaps the Bangles only added two letters to their name, but I bet it really cut down on the jokes that probably came from being called The Bangs. And actually, this is only one of quite a few names "“ first they were christened The Colours, then The Supersonic Bangs, then The Bangs, and finally The Bangles.

Know of some other names that probably wouldn't have looked so hot on a marquee? Share in the comments!