Win a copy of A.J. Jacobs' new book!


[There's still time to enter the contest. We'll lock it down tonight at 8pm ET.]

As promised in yesterday's interview with A.J., today we've got five, that's-a-right, five copies of The Guinea Pig Diaries to give away. Here's how it will go down:

First, if you haven't already, be sure to read my interview with A.J., to better your chances of scoring a book.

Second, enter the contest by submitting what YOU think A.J. should write about next. What experiment should he subject himself to (and/or his family) in a future book? These can be serious, funny, wacky, or just plain silly.

Enter as often as you'd like, so long as each is in a separate comment below.

In addition to your idea, we'd love to know what part or question from yesterday's interview you got the most out of and why. No need to submit this multiple times if you're submitting multiple experiment ideas in the comments. Once will do"¦. Once.

A.J. and I will narrow your entries down to our 5 favorites. All 5 of you will win a copy of the new book. However, only 1 of you will win the grand prize: an autographed copy of the book, from A.J. PLUS, he might even leave a voice message on your machine. PLUS, he'll consider using your brilliant idea in his next book, or at the very least, blog about it. He'll also FRIEND you on Facebook! (Mind you, most of this he hasn't officially agreed to yet, but knowing A.J., something tells me he will.)

So who decides who the grand prize winner is? ALL YOU readers, that's who! We'll post the five finalists in a poll for everyone to vote in his or her fav.

That's it! Now get to work on that brilliant idea and impress us!