The Quick 10: 10 Strange Dental Care Flavors


Look, call me a traditionalist, but when it comes to toothpaste, I want mint. Fresh mint, spearmint, minty-mint; I don't care, but I want mint. The makers of these 10 toothpastes, mouthwashes and flosses would surely call me old-fashioned, but I can't help myself. Maybe they'll appeal to you.

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2. Cola! Usually you brush your teeth to counteract things like Cola, but never fear: it doesn't contain any actual soda. You're mostly getting that flavor due to the way the toothpaste smells. "Because our sense of smell is responsible for about 80% of what we taste, you experience the flavor for a few fleeting moments before a light, menthol finish," says the website. Hmm.

3. Creamsicle. Remember those orange and vanilla swirled push pops? I do; I vividly remember eating a whole box of them when I was a kid and getting in big trouble with my mom. She might not have been quite as mad if I had just been excessively brushing my teeth, though, which I may have done if we owned BlingSicle, a toothpaste that tastes like the Creamsicle. It's made by Tanner's Tasty Paste, a line of yummy toothpaste for kids invented by a dentist. Other flavors include Cha-Cha Chocolate, Banilla Bling (vanilla ice cream) and BabyBling (vanilla ice ream with no fluoride).

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5. Pork. I think this one is just the good people over at InventorSpot having a little fun with us, but I had to include it anyway. You know some toothpaste manufacturer is going to pick up the pigskin and run with it. InventorSpot says if pork isn't your favorite flavor, don't worry "“ they're working on more flavors like tuna, tomato, brie and asparagus. Mmmmm.

raspberry mint
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10. Dubble-Bubble. Of course, bubble gum-flavored toothpaste has been around for years. And I don't like it. But this one doesn't taste like any old gum; it tastes like Dubble Bubble! Any self-respecting kid knows it has the best burst of sugar of any gum out there. Sugar + floss"¦ what could go wrong?