When you plan your Halloween party, the food must be front and center. Since we published Gruesome Halloween Party Food two years ago, many more creepy and delicious treats have surfaced. Try serving these, and your guests will be talking about your party for years. Warning: some images may be disturbing.

Mummy Rolls

Holly Klein calls these mummy rolls "Morning Mummy!" They are constructed from bread dough, nutella, and frosting eyes. Unlike many Halloween recipes, these look good enough to eat!

Eyeball Cupcakes

There are many recipes for eyeball cupcakes, but this is the only decoration job I've seen that includes eyelids and lashes for a very creepy effect. Jayne at The Barefoot Kitchen Witch made these eye-catching cupcakes with chocolate cake and strawberry-marshmallow filling. The steps she took for the icing are illustrated in pictures in the post.



AnnaTheRed makes wonderful bento meals in which every piece of food looks like something else. In this project, she uses potato, bacon, and cheese to make headcrabs. Sounds like a delicious side dish for a Halloween feast, if you can get past thinking about what they look like.

Bloody Brain Cupcakes

Flickr user xsomnis posted a set of pictures called the Zombie Food Guide that shows how to make these brain cupcakes from red velvet cake, complete with dark red caramel blood. They sound so delicious and look so...  Halloweeny!

Oven-baked Tarantula


Unlike most of the recipes here, the Oven-baked Tarantula is a real tarantula, collected from Cambodia and cooked to perfection. It is shipped ready-to-eat. One spider will run you £14.95, but a portion of the proceeds go to endangered species preservation projects in Cambodia.

Spider Cakes


Megan at NotMartha made Crawly Cakes and Spider Cakes in a variety of styles that look good on a Halloween party table and no doubt taste better than the real spider.

Melting Head Cake

Barbara Jo, who made the famous Killer Rats Cake also made this Melting Head Cake. As if the cake itself isn't awesome enough, it was designed with flesh made of icing that melts as the party goes on, eventually revealing the sugary skull underneath. What's more, there was raspberry jelly between the skull and the melting flesh to give it a gruesomely bloody appearance as it melted.

Flayed Skin Cheese Ball


If you like the idea of a head on a platter, the Flayed Skin Cheese Ball is your appetizer. The head-shaped cheese is wrapped in thin slices of ham, giving it the look of skinless flesh. Be sure to have plenty of crackers ready.

Naked Mole Rat Cake

550_naked mole rat
There are no recipes or instructions for the collection of Creepy-crawly Cakes posted at Cake Wrecks, but I couldn't resist including them. Of particular interest is the Naked Mole Rat Cake, created by professional baker Cristy B.

See the earlier post Gruesome Halloween Party Food for a bleeding heart gelatin dessert, white chocolate sugar skulls, a fleshworm entree, and more for your Halloween dinner party.