October is horror movie month at my house. We've been slacking a little bit this year, but so far we have managed to fit in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (the animated one with Bing Crosby, not the live-action Johnny Depp one), The Exorcist, The Mist and The Ruins. The latter was kind of horrible, by the way, don't waste your time if you haven't already.

The American Film Institute has done a pretty bang-up job of releasing movie lists in the past few years "“ best lines, best laughs, best musicals, best film scores. They even recently released the 10 best movies in a bunch of different genres, including "Courtroom Drama" and "Gangsters." But they have yet to release a "best horror movie" list, much to my chagrin (and the chagrin of many others"¦ lots of horror nerd bloggers have made their own to make up for the AFI's omission). But they have released the 100 "Best Thrills," which I guess is as close as they are going to get. I'm listing their top 10.

psycho1. Psycho. We're big Hitchcock fans, so I'm glad to see this on the list, but I'm not sure it should be number one.
2. Jaws. Not my favorite, but I can see why it has earned a spot on the top 10...
3. The Exorcist. Yeah, if you watch it today, parts of it are a little hokey. But parts of it are still absolutely terrifying. Like this part"¦ (sorry, no embedding.)

4. North by Northwest. This is probably my personal favorite Hitchcock, and you can't beat Cary Grant.

5. The Silence of the Lambs. An excellent somewhat-modern choice, I'd say. Anthony Hopkins is wonderfully chilling.

6. Alien. I can't speak to this one because I've never seen the whole thing. I know! What kind of a horror movie aficionado am I?

birds7. The Birds. I've always wanted Tippi Hedren's wardrobe from that movie.
8. The French Connection. See my explanation for #6. Do I need to add it to my Netflix?
9. Rosemary's Baby. Starts out slow, but the payoff is pretty great. And if Mia Farrow seems genuinely stressed out during this movie, that's because she is "“ Frank Sinatra served her divorce papers on the set.
10. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hmm. I guess I've always thought of this as more of an action movie than a thriller, but the part at the end when the Ark of the Covenant is opened could probably cause a nightmare or two.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? I have to wonder why The Shining is #30 on the list and Poltergeist is #84! Those would definitely have made my top 10.
Drop us a line and let us know what movies you think should be included on the list "“ and if you have any recommendations for my Halloween Netflix queue, leave that too, or send me a Tweet.