The Quick Seven: Seven Haunted Objects


As promised, we're back to our Halloween-related posts here on the Q10. Haunted objects have long been the subject of many a horror tale "“ haunted vehicles (Christine, of course), haunted dolls (the dreaded Chucky, among others) and haunted clowns (that creepy toy in Poltergeist, ugh). But haunted objects exist in real life, too "“ at least, they do if you believe these seven stories. Here are a few inanimate objects that might just be a little more animated than we think.

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2. The Haunted Mirror at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Even though Marilyn Monroe has been dead for nearly 50 years, you can still see her at the Hollywood Roosevelt"¦ at least, if you believe the stories. Marilyn lived at the Roosevelt a couple of different times during her life, and especially loved Suite 1200. At some point the mirror from Suite 1200 moved to the manager's office, and when a housekeeper was cleaning it one day, she got quite a fright "“ a beautiful blonde woman was staring right back at her. Not one to shy away from publicity, the Roosevelt moved the mirror to a public area so guests could experience Miss Monroe as well. And supposedly they have "“ lots of people have reported seeing her image. But that makes sense "“ the Roosevelt has cleverly decided to hang a portrait right next to it.

3. The Haunted Mirror at the Myrtles Plantation. Our own Miss Cellania wrote about the Myrtles earlier this week. If you're looking for a spooky read, you should definitely click on over.

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5. Haunted Wedding Dress. At the historic Baker Mansion in Altoona, Pa., there lives a wedding dress that sits in a display case and moves all by itself. The story goes something like this: In the mid-1800s, Anna Baker got engaged to one of her father's employees. She bought her wedding dress and was secretly making preparations when her father caught on, fired the man and had him sent away. She never married and the dress went unused. When the Blair County Historical Society bought the mansion, they found the dress displayed it under glass. Apparently Anna thought she would finally get some use out of the dress, because ever since then, it's been moving and swaying of its own accord from behind the glass. The Historical Society pooh-poohed it, saying that some of the floorboards under the display case were loose, so when people came near the case would be slightly disturbed, making the gown appear to move. But at least one story says that the Society caught it moving on its security cameras when no one else was in the room, and that's why it's no longer on display at the Baker Mansion.

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There are plenty of other "haunted" items out there, but when it comes to things like, "Haunted Barney Doll" or "Haunted Grilled Cheese" I have to draw the line. But do you know of any other famously haunted objects that I missed?