Time Lapse: 5 Years of Graffiti in 2 Minutes


The video below, by Arnaud Jourdain, is a time lapse animation showing five years' worth of graffiti at 5a Rue de Verneuil in Paris. By shooting thousands of high-resolution photos over a period of years, the filmmakers were able to reconstruct the graffiti process and even separate out layers of graffiti, creating an impressive 3D effect, seeming to fly through exploded layers. It's really neat. After the jump, check out the Google auto-translation in English (actually pretty decent) of the French explanation of the film.

Note: this is still a work in progress; as seen in the translation after the video, the right part of the wall hasn't been processed yet, and I believe they're still shooting new graffiti.

Serge Gainsbourg - animation des graffitis sur 5 ans du mur rue de Verneuil from Arnaud Jourdain on Vimeo.

Translation of Explanation 5 Bis Rue de Verneuil Entertainment in the time of graffiti 5a Rue de Verneuil (PROJECT IN PROGRESS) The idea: Clip tribute to Serge Gainsbourg. Sort of time travel through the layers of graffiti 5a Rue de Verneuil for the past 5 years. - 5 years of shots superimposed. Thousands of photos. - 40 generations to recover graffiti. (30 visible in the video due to time) - Right part of the wall not yet processed. - Source in 1080P FullHD 1920x1080 and higher. If one day a museum was born rue de Verneuil, it would also serve as "testimony" in the history of this place and inscriptions that have been left. Mr Johann Sfar, is visible in the video (picture taken on the rue de Verneuil shooting) and while this is a personal project of graphic designer, he has all rights to his image ... But I hope it will give me permission. His work, even if ephemeral, is part of the history of this wall. The music is a remix album of Serge Gainsbourg: "I Love Serge Electronic Againsbourg" and the title is "L 'Hotel Particulier" Please give your opinions, ideas, comments ... positive, negative or constructive ... it will be very useful.