Scenes From the Mental Floss Trivia Show


Thanks to everyone who came out for the inaugural Mental Floss Trivia Show last night in Brooklyn! We were blown away by the turnout. We'll have to do this again.

mango-dad /

One of the highlights was the "Is It Older Than My Dad?" segment Mangesh put together. I would buy the home version and play with my neighbors.

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I was thrilled when a contestant successfully spelled "Snuffleupagus" during the Pop Culture Spelling Bee.

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Judging from all the people who made a point of telling me they had a great time and hope the Mental Floss Trivia Show becomes a regular event, people had a great time and hope the Mental Floss Trivia Show becomes a regular event. Here's a review from Nerd-NY that goes into greater detail about what went on, what went right, and what didn't.

(Next time, we need to convince our photographer friends to attend to spice up the post-Show wrap-up.)

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Thanks again for coming out! It was great to put faces to screen names. I hope we're able to perfect the Trivia Show and bring it to a city near you. Big virtual high-fives to master of ceremonies Donald Jones; Mangesh's wife Lizzie, who served as de facto executive producer; and everyone at the Galapagos Arts Space. And a special thanks to my wife, Ellen, who agreed to schlep into Brooklyn and join me at the merchandise table.

See you next time!


Ed. Note: We wanted to throw in this extra frame from the credits to thank everyone who knowingly (and unknowingly!) helped make the night so wonderful.

Screen shot 2009-12-08 at 11.53.19 AM
Screen shot 2009-12-08 at 11.53.19 AM /