9 Odd and Unusual Soaps


When you need to buy a gift for a person who doesn't want anything specific, items that can be used up are always welcome. Sweets, art supplies, wine, and soap will be used and won't clutter up the house for years to come. Here are some odd and unusual soaps for the odd and unusual people in your life.

1. Money Soap

This gift is like giving someone a lottery ticket. Or money. Or soap. A bar of Money Soap has real money inside, but you don't know what you'll get until you've used the soap. Embedded in the center is a bill that could be anything from a $1 bill to a $50 bill!

2. Sith Soap

550_sithsoap /

Clean up with the Dark Side! Sith Soap come in a set of four, featuring Darth Vader, Darth Maul, a clone, and a storm trooper. Made from soft and gentle goat's milk and olive oil. You can also order just the Darth Vader soap.

3. Absinthe Soap

550absinthesoap /

Archie McPhee offers Absinthe Soap as an alternative for those who can't afford to fill a bathtub with absinthe. Which is all of us. The green bar comes in a nice tin with vintage art.

4. Kentucky Bourbon Soap Shot

450bourbonsoap /

Here's another liquor-based soap that comes in shot glass form! Kentucky Bourbon Soap Shots are described as "Oaken and smoky with a hint of sweet caramel." The shot glasses themselves (four in a set) are made of soap, so you won't have a souvenir after the bathing is done.

5. Tetris Soap

550tetrissoap /

Two Etsy vendors make soap in Tetris shapes. Digital Soaps features tinted transparent and opaque soaps (shown) and DirtyAssSoaps made an all-opaque version in more colors. Unfortunately, both are currently sold out. If demand is high enough, they might make more.

6. iPhone Soap

550iphonesoap /

Get someone you love an iPhone. An iPhone bar of soap, that is. The iPhone is watermelon-marguerita scented. The same company also has a Blackberry-shaped soap that smells like (of course) blackberries!

7. Fuzzy Soap

200fuzzy /

The original Fuzzy Wuzzy Bath Soap from the 1960s made bath time fun because it would start "growing hair"! After it first got wet, the soap would crystallize and protrude from the surface, continuing to grow for several days. Then when you used up the soap, you'd find a little toy prize inside. Fuzzy Wuzzy soap came in a package with five animal shapes, and is still available occasionally on eBay. This little cat soap that works the same way can be bought from Wonder Workshops.

8. Landmine Soap

450_landminesoap /

Hideaki Matsui designed soap bars that resemble landmines. Not only an odd design, these soaps are also working for a cause.

For every soap purchased, $2 is donated to The Cambodia Landmine Museum. The facility contains a school, an orphanage with living facilities for up to 30 at-risk children, and functions as a place for action, serving as a launching pad for humanitarian and landmine relief outreach initiatives.

9. Razor Blade Soap

450razorsoap /

Razor Blade Soap comes with the disclaimer "for decorative purposes only". You really don't want anyone to use this because each bar contains a real razor blade! The soap is clear, so the danger can be seen. This item would fit well into one of my previous posts on creepy home decor.

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