The Quick 10: 10 Photo-Op Statues


With the holidays here, I bet lots of you are planning on traveling (we are). I love nothing more than to break up a road trip with ridiculous little stops, much to the chagrin of my car companions. They grumble, but they secretly love me for it (I hope). If you're looking to break up a long car ride on your way to grandma's house in the upcoming weeks, here are 10 giant statues that exist just for your photo ops (OK"¦ and sometimes to honor the person depicted in the statue. Whatever).

1. The Jolly Green Giant "“ Blue Earth, Minnesota. He's 55 feet tall, cost $43,000 to make, and attracts 10,000 visitors a year. You could be one of those visitors! If you hurry, you might catch him in his holiday attire "“ a giant red scarf. I'd be more worried about keeping those scantily-clad green legs warm, but that's just me. I guess snowpants might look silly on the Jolly Green Giant.

superman /
lincoln /
goldwater /
fonz /

I know there are tons more to add to the list "“ I went with specific characters as opposed to vague Muffler Men just for the sake of the Quick 10. If you have giant statue in your hometown that you think people need to know about, be sure to tell us in the comments. And if you end up stopping at any of these during your holiday travels, send us a picture! I bet we could make a pretty entertaining photo gallery.