We're counting down the year's most-read mentalfloss.com stories. On Sunday, we rattled off #20 to #14. Here's the next batch.

13. 8 Unusual College Scholarships
by Kara Kovalchik

Today's students can parlay a hobby, goofy talent or even a genetic luck of the draw into scholarship money. Take a gander at some of the more unusual opportunities that are available for eight subsets of the population.

12. Get Rich Quick: 6 People Who Accidentally Found a Fortune
by Rob Lammle

If you're in need of some quick cash, here are six stories of people who found a fortune when—and where—they least expected it. This will get you fired up for garage sale season.

11. Why Do Shells Sound Like the Ocean?
by Matt Soniak

Why do you hear the ocean when you put a seashell up to your ear? (And no, it's not really the ocean you're hearing.)

10. Why Do Limbs Fall Asleep?
by Matt Soniak

You know how it goes. You sit too long with your legs crossed or lie with your arm under your head, and when you go to move the limb, it's tingling with a pins and needles sensation. But why?

9. The Late Movies: Dogs Welcoming Returning Soldiers
by Jason English

To commemorate Veterans Day, we posted some YouTube videos of overjoyed dogs greeting returning soldiers.

8. 11 Things Wal-Mart Has Banned
by Ethan Trex

Whether or not you're a fan of shopping at the House that Sam Walton Built, you've got to admit that the store stocks just about everything. But not quite, though.

7. 8 Tuition-Free Colleges
by Scott Allen

During difficult economic times, the cost of higher education leaves many students wondering if they can afford to go to college. Here are eight schools that offer tuition-free educations.

6. How 10 Classic Toys Were Invented
by Stacy Conradt

Whether you were into Lincoln Logs, Troll Dolls or Sea Monkeys, this one's sure to inspire a little nostalgia.