How to Boil Water


Did you know that boiling water is just regular water that has been made very hot? Well, you'll learn that and more in the following real YouTube videos explaining the specific processes and techniques you'll need to start boiling your own water.

How to Boil Water - Howcast

This video assumes you have access to a stove or hotplate, a pot, a lid, and yes, some water. It also helpfully explains what that old "watched pot never boils" thing is about.

How NOT to Boil Distilled Water in a Microwave

Microwaves allow you to do some amazing things, like creating superheated distilled water that appears to be in a non-boiling state (as no bubbles are escaping). Now, in order to do this you need distilled water -- the impurities in regular water cause it to bubble normally. This thing of putting distilled water in a microwave is super-duper dangerous, as the water will immediate froth and "boil" when it is disturbed after removal from the microwave. Don't do it. Instead, check out the following three videos for examples of how this looks.

How to Boil Water Using a Fresnel Lens and the Sun

If you have a gigantic Fresnel lens and a sunny day, you're in luck -- you'll be boiling water in no time. (See also: making a solar still using the same huge Fresnel lens.

How to Boil Water Using Rocks and Bark

A willow bark cup, an outdoor fire, and some water -- now you're boiling water! This is genuinely useful survival advice.

How to Boil Water - the Autism Problem

For some people, boiling water is a serious challenge -- no joke. Adults living with disabilities (in this case, severe autism) can have a very hard to time doing something that's considered easy by the rest of us, like boiling water. In this video, an autistic woman demonstrates the process. It's hard to watch, but also a fascinating look at the reality of living with autism.