The Quick 10: 10 Long-in-the-Tooth "Teenagers"


You all know that I'm a big Glee fan. But I'm not delusional "“ I know that a lot of the actors in the show are nowhere close to being of high school age"¦ unless they've flunked many a grade (Cory Monteith and Mark Salling, who play Finn and Puck respectively, are both 27). They're definitely not the first cast to employ such tactics, though"¦ here are 10 other actors who have portrayed teens long after they actually graduated.

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2. Eric Christian Olsen, Fired Up!. Um. Yes, I have seen this movie. No, I don't care to discuss it"¦ other than to tell you that Olsen, who was playing a high schooler presumably between his junior and senior years, was 31 years old when the movie came out last year.

3. Judd Nelson, The Breakfast Club. Nelson was 26 when he played iconic bad boy John Bender in The Breakfast Club. In fact, only two of the actors were actually teenagers at the time the movie was filmed: Anthony Michael Hall, who was 17 when it came out, and Molly Ringwald, who was three days shy of her 17th birthday.

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A few of others that may or may not surprise you:

  • James Dean was 24 when he played a 17-year-old in Rebel Without a Cause.
  • Elisabeth Shue was 24 when she played 17-year-old Chris Parker in Adventures in Babysitting.
  • Christine Taylor was 26 when she played Marcia, Marcia, Marcia in A Very Brady Sequel.
  • Rachel McAdams was 26 when Mean Girls was released.
  • Elvis was 23 when he played a troubled teen in 1958's King Creole.
  • Do any other outrageous examples come to mind?