These days, my alarm clock is my 2 ½ year old son. But I remember the days of beeps, radios and snooze buttons like it was, well, 10 minutes ago. But here are five crazy ways to wake up that I never imagined until I went researching stuff for a post you'll see later this week.

1. Match Alarm Clock

Built in 1877 by two brothers from Brooklyn, this whacky alarm gave new meaning to the phrase "when the clock strikes"¦" Because it quite literally, struck a match at the desired wake-up time. The match then swung around and lit an oil lamp, which brightened the room until the slumbering sleeper woke up, or, alternately burned to death.

2. Tugaslugabed

toeBuilt in 1910, this cute clock woke you up by pulling your toe. Before slumber, you'd place a loop around your toe. Then, eight seconds before wake-up time, an alarm would ring and then at the set time the gizmo would pull hard on the loop to rouse even the heaviest of sleepers.

3. The Flying Alarm Clock

flyingalarmSkipping ahead to modern day now, the next three clocks you can still purchase if you look around online. First we have the Flying Alarm Clock, which launches a helicopter-esque doodad at wake-up time. Gives new meaning to the phrase "I flew out of bed this morning."

4. The Ticking Bomb Alarm Clock

bombUSealarmThe copy from the manufacturers is so epic on this one, I'm just going to reprint it word for word (translated from Japanese):

1. Let's say you set your alarm for 8AM.
2. At 7:57AM, a recorded voice pipes up: "Three minutes left..." Then starts counting down to zero.
3. In the next few moments, one of the lamps on the left will flash at random. You must diffuse the same-colored wire in order to stop the bomb from ticking.
4. If you fail your mission, the explosion WILL go off. When the timer reaches zero, the speakers on this thing will emit a loud BANG, signifying your failure. If this was real life, the girl would be dead by now.

If you'd like to purchase the bomb, go here.

5. Clocky

wheelyThis one is for all the people who distrust alarm clocks. You know who you are! You people who are always defending the fact that you overslept because your alarm never went off. If you hit snooze when this alarm goes off, the clock rolls off your nightstand and wheels around your room looking for a place to hide before it sounds the alarm again. Talk about a wheely effective wake-up call!

Own a funky, unusual alarm clock I haven't mentioned? Tell us about it!

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