Sister Salad returns with "String Theory"


I've written about Sister Salad before. Some of you might recall their Yo Comments Are Wack music video, which has been viewed more then 1 million times now, partly thanks to the mental_floss bump!

Anyway, they've got a brilliant, new music video out on a very _flossy subject: String Theory. It's one of the best homemade music vids I've ever seen, guaranteed to entertain. While the three (real) sisters are very private (well, as private as girls can be who share intimate details with one another via YouTube), here's what we know about each:

Lizz (25), is the eldest salad sister. She recently graduated with her master's degree in anthropology, and is currently substitute teaching. She also writes a _flossy blog called Everyday Anthropologist, which examines daily life from a popularly-accessible yet anthropological perspective

Alexandra (23), is currently working as an art director for a creative advertising agency. She lives with two cats, Mister and Waffle, and competes with a weekly pub trivia team. She is the official graphic designer
of the Sister Salad web banners and backgrounds, and designs custom Venn diagram necklaces. She is also a Jedi master of Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii.

Invisisis (13), either became transparent from the elbow up after an unfortunate mishap with a vat of invisijelly, or else has been deemed by her sisters to be too young to appear on YouTube. Either way, she appears in Sister Salad videos primarily in hand puppet form. In real-life, she's
a competitive Irish dancer, and her science fair project examining the influence of body image stereotypes on video game avatars was recently selected to compete in her local city finals.

And be sure to watch "the making of" the video, Behind the Music-style, after the jump... 'cause you really need to see how they made themselves fly.