7 Ways to Nap at Work


Recent studies show that an afternoon nap is good for us. I can vouch for that, as I nap every day around 2PM. That's easy for me, since I have flexible work hours and my bed is maybe 20 feet from my office. Those of you in an office setting may have to make strategic plans to fit a catnap into your busy work schedule. You can find tips for power-napping, but most of these guides assume that a short nap is allowed in the workplace, which you and I know is rarely the case. Here are some ways to sneak a catnap surreptitiously.

1. Prop Your Head

This illustrated guide looks at the different ways we try to prop up our heads to appear to be working when we're asleep. It doesn't always work, and you may find yourself resorting to the George Costanza method of sleeping under your desk.

2. Open Your Eyes

550_sleep_safe_tape2 /

Some of us have perfected the art of sleeping while sitting up. Too bad our closed eyes give us away, but that can be fixed as well with Sleep Safe Tape. The cellophane tape has eyes printed on it that you can peel off, apply to your eyelids, and appear awake while you snooze through a boring meeting.

3. Make Noise

516inap /

Of course, even if the boss can't see you, he or she may be listening to make sure some kind of work is being done. There's an app for that! iNap@work is an iPhone app that plays work sounds while you sleep: typing, mouse clicking, throat clearing, paper shuffling, all the usual stuff that goes in in productive office environments. The mix and frequency of the sounds are adjustable, so your supervisor won't notice the exact same sequence coming from every office where someone is napping.

4. Get Close to Your Laptop

550_Laptop-Pillow /

This probably won't fool anyone, but a Laptop Pillow would be so nice and soft just sitting there on your desk, beckoning you to lay your head down. As far as I can tell, this pillow was made for a Pepsi ad, and is not available to buy.

5. Read a Book

500workaholic-book-cushion /

However, the Workaholic Pillow is available from Japan. It's a pillow inside a book cover, which means even if you are caught, you'll appear to have worked until sleep overcame you. The pillow is easily folded up and stored on a bookshelf. Of course, this would be easier to explain to your supervisor if you know how to read Japanese.

6. Wear a Disguise

500suplicy_sleep /

Another great idea is shown in this Brazilian ad campaign for Suplicy Coffee. This one only works if your boss just takes a quick glance at you. And this method could present some stylistic challenges for women.

7. Treat Yourself

500energypod /

Mental_floss being the 21st century operation that it is, MY bosses understand the importance of a workday nap! If you are fortunate enough to work for a company that encourages naps, Metro Naps has office furniture that will make your power napping simple and pleasurable. Their Energy Pod is optimized to make the most out of the short time you can get away with napping at work. Lucky you!