The Quick 10: Where 10 Oscar Winners Keep the Little Guy


Don't you wonder what in the heck you would do with an Oscar if you won it? Does it go in a trophy case? Do you just casually display it as a bookend? Keep it in your office? Give it to your mom? The answer depends on the recipient of the Oscar, of course. Here's where 10 Academy Award winners keep their little golden guys.

1. In the fridge. This one is my favorite. Timothy Hutton won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Ordinary People in 1981. He recently said he and his sister were having a party at his house a few years ago when she decided to stick his Oscar in the fridge so that people going to grab a beer would be entertained. He enjoyed the joke and has kept it there ever since.

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3. At home, dressed up in Barbie clothes. John Lasseter of Pixar has two Oscars under his belt "“ Best Animated Short ("Tin Toy" in 1989) and a Special Achievement Award for Toy Story in 1996. "We discovered that Barbie clothes actually fit pretty well," he once commented. "Oscar's shoulders are a little broader, so we let them out a little." I guess that happens when you have five kids.

4. In the underwear drawer. Because that's where you keep all valuables, isn't it? After Kevin Costner won Best Director for Dances with Wolves in 1991 (it also won Best Picture), he stashed his award in his underwear drawer for a few years. He has since had a trophy case built and keeps Oscar in there. Do you suppose he keeps his Razzie for The Postman in there as well? I would.

5. On the dresser, used as a hat stand. I suppose when you start racking up the Oscars like Jack Nicholson has, you have to find inventive uses for them. Rumor has it Jack uses one of his three to hold a chapeau or two.

6. At grandma's house. Until his grandma turned 100, Isaac Hayes' Oscar (he won in '72 for the theme song to Shaft) lived at her house. She gave it back to him on her 100th birthday and he displayed it at his restaurant in Memphis after that.

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8. On an "especially constructed shelf in my boudoir." Olivia de Havilland won a pair of Best Actress Oscars in the "˜40s "“ one for To Each His Own and one for The Heiress. When a fan wrote her and asked where she was keeping her awards, she replied with a letter that said, "I am looking at them now"“ they stand upon an especially constructed shelf in my boudoir and behind them, framed, are the five Certificates of Nominations."

9. At the beach. OK, so Penelope Cruz doesn't keep her Oscar at the beach, but she definitely took him to the beach. "I have it in my house in Spain and I still haven't found the right place for it," she told a reporter on the set of Nine, "but, for the first month after I won it, I was so excited about it that I took it everywhere with me. I took it — this is true — I took it to the beach one day."

10. In the library. Speaking of Nine, Penelope's costar in the movie, Sophia Loren, didn't think much of Oscar taking a trip to the beach. "It's very heavy, and it doesn't float," she commented during the same interview. Sophia prefers to keep hers in the library.

Where would you keep your Oscar? Or if we have any readers who actually have an Oscar, feel free to enlighten us as to where yours is located. I love the idea of keeping it in the fridge, but I'd hate to be a copycat.