Niche Blogs: Awesome Animals Edition


In the continuing series on highly-specific blogs, there are many that deal with animals. Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger? are the "big dogs," so to speak, but the public's appetite for cute and/or funny animal pictures, stories, and information is so great that more focused animals subjects have their place.

Animal Reviews

gives a thorough overview of a different species in each post, and grades them from A to F. For example, killer bees get an F while the leafy sea dragon (pictured) gets an A. Sometimes animals will get a second grade for their suitability as a pet. On the other hand,

F You, Penguin

, which contains a profanity in the blog title as well as most of the posts, is purely for entertainment. Each animal gets an overdose of criticism, snark, and utter contempt. But if all you need is a pick-me-up, try

Cute Things Falling Asleep

, a video blog that contains the occasional cute human as well as animals.

There is a subgenre of blogs featuring animals in certain situations. Many shelters and animal rights groups have blogs about pets for adoption and animal news. Animals in Disasters is a publication of the World Society for the Protection of Animals, in which you'll find news of how animals are faring during recent disasters like the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, the severe winter weather in Mongolia, and flooding in Vietnam. The photo blog Animalswithcasts takes a sad situation and makes it cute, since it is obvious that someone is caring for each critter.

While bunny rabbits are soft and usually gentle, they often appear to be looking down their noses at us.

Disapproving Rabbits

highlights this feature by posting rabbit pictures. You can get more rabbits at

The Daily Bunny

, which delivers what it promises: a photograph of a bunny rabbit every day.


, on the other hand, is an art blog about only one kind of art -that which contains bunnies.

Pets are adorable, but if you want to get your daily dose of cute in the wild, check out

The Daily Otter

which features videos as well as pictures.

Writer and photographer Shreve Stockton took in a baby coyote when its parents were shot for killing sheep in Wyoming. She is documenting Charlie's life with her in the blog

The Daily Coyote

. Charlie is now three years old, but his

baby pictures

still inspire many "awws".

This Goat's Life is a diary of life on the farm, as seen by a dairy goat named Silver Belle. As she relates the doings of the farm family and various kinds of livestock, Silver Belle is often subtly snarky.

Moldy will be getting a little extra in her pay packet this week. She had two doelings at 3 o'clock. That's good, now she has someone to listen to all her complaints. She is already telling them about the great utopia of Oregon where she used to live. The beautiful land of milk and honey, where candy grows on trees, and little white goats ride on satin cushions.

Of course, not all animals are cute and cuddly.


is about rats and what great pets they make. Oh, you think rats


cute and cuddly? The how about snakes?

SLOG (Singapore Snakes Blog)

documents snake sightings in Singapore, of which there are plenty, but you are invited to submit your own. And don't forget spiders.

The Spider Blog

features a "spider of the week" and gives detailed information on each species.

There are always more cat blogs to explore. Despite what the name looks like at first glance, F@ K@ Blog is "a daily appreciation of the Curvy Cat" and features found photos of fat cats. Stray Cats in Tokyo (English translation) is the work of photographer t-nekogatari, who makes strays look as if they are posing for portraits. Average Cats was created as a rebellion against LOLcats. It has captioned photographs of cats, but they don't say anything particularly funny or clever, as you can see in the above picture. They are just average cats.

You'll find more specialized blogs dealing with animals in the previous posts A Sampling of Niche Blogs and Cat Blogging and Blogging Cats.

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