10 Funny Flowcharts


There are many ways to tell a joke, and the internet makes it all the easier to construct and disseminate humor in graphic form. The flowchart is one form that many online wits have embraced. Every six months to a year or so, I find I've collected quite a few to pass along to you.

1. Tattoo Decision Flowchart

Should you get a tattoo? That's a very personal decision that you may be living with for the rest of your life. Here's the simple answer: if you need to consult this flowchart to make your final decision, then you haven't put enough thought into it yet. This is only a portion of the full chart.

2. Mythbusters Formula for Success

You've probably figured out by now that Mythbusters is a hit show because they blow things up. How could it possibly miss with a formula like that?

3. Career Paths

You may remember Preston Boomer as the King of Boomeria. Here is the high school science teacher's flowchart for career advancement, in which all roads lead to McDonalds.  Enlarge the full version to see what happens along the way.

4. Career Paths Simplified

A somewhat more recent flowchart simplifies part of the same career path, although there is no evidence that Boomer's flowchart influenced this one. If there were a connection between the two, we wouldn't have to ponder the depressing implications of more than one person coming to the same conclusion independently. However, it isn't always so. After I got my degree, I went to work at a KFC that didn't even have a drive through!

5. NASCAR Safety Chart

It may appear that entertainment takes a back seat to safety in NASCAR racing, but that's just show business. Cracked brought us this safety flowchart along with other "facts" about NASCAR racing.

6. Does Tiger Woods Owe You an Apology?

Back in February, when Tiger Woods and his personal transgressions were all over the news, Brokey McPoverty reminded us whose business it was, in handy flowchart form.

7. Am I a Horse?

I don't know who originally drew this flowchart, but it's so random that I had to include it.

8. Kinds of Drunks

Determine what kind of person you turn into when you've drunk too much alcohol with a flowchart from College Humor. If you are open to divulging such information, you can leave a comment to tell us your results.

9. Typeface Selection

On occasion, you might need to choose the perfect typeface to use on a particular project. Of course, there's a flowchart for that! Here, you only see a small part of the chart, in which designer Julian Hansen managed to squeeze in a self-referential complimentary step. You can buy the full chart in poster form.

10. Zombie Apocalypse

Game Informer plotted out your dismal odds of surviving a zombie apocalypse with an extensive flowchart based on available information, that is, movies. Click to enlarge it here to follow your path (start in the middle). This chart is now available as a downloadable poster.

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