Puzzle in Honor of Flag Day


In honor of Flag Day (and the World Cup!), here's a really fun flag-themed puzzle from a recent How Did You Know? Since we know most of you don't play our monthly trivia-hunt, this will be new to the vast majority of you _flossers, so enjoy this color-by-number! Note: We know Flag Day is really only about the American flag, but there isn't an All-Flags Day, as far as we know.

Rules: Of the six choices found along the bottom of this puzzle, decide which numbered sections represent each color. (All the sections labeled with a "1" will be filled in with one, identical color, the "2" sections with a different, identical color, etc.) When you have filled in the correct colors, you will see the flags of ten different countries. [NOTE: Each flag's dimensions are not necessarily to scale, nor are the color options in this puzzle the exact hue used in each country's flag. Also, be careful! There may be more than one possibility for any of the flags.]

For a larger version of the puzzle, click here.

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Answers found on the next page!



1. White
2. Blue
3. Red
4. Black
5. Yellow
6. Green

Flags (from left to right):

* Russia
* Estonia
* Poland
* Ukraine
* Bulgaria
* Lithuania
* Indonesia
* Colombia
* Austria
* Netherlands (also the flag of Luxembourg)