Octopus Blogging


The blogosphere has plenty of treats for those who are fascinated with cephalopods: octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and other tentacled sea creatures. Even if you aren't an avid octopus fan, these "cephaloblogs" have some really interesting stuff for your edification and enjoyment.

Octopus Link Blogs

There are more blogs than you'd ever expect that specialize in octopus content. Many of these collect news, products, pop culture, information, and art -in short, everything that has anything to do with octopuses. Everything Octopus does just that. Your daily octopus finds a picture of an octopus to post every day, whether its a photograph, product, or artwork.

Cephalopod Link Blogs

Cephalopod Centerfold gathers cephalopod news from all over, including this item on how to cook a "pig in a blanket" that looks like a squid.

Cephalolove is a blog "for all things tentacley," which for this site includes jellyfish. Image: Meduse, by Joaquin Tornel.

Other cephalopod link blogs include Indie Squid Kid, Cephalopod Tea Party, and Today in Tentacles.


The fairly new blog Cephalove features news items and in-depth information about octopuses, squids, and other related sea creatures. Deep Sea News covers all kinds of marine life, and has a special category for cephalopods. Pharyngula is a science blog (actually part of the ScienceBlogs network) with a recurring octopus category. Scientific Blogging features a Squid A Week. Image from Cephalove.

Squid Art

Squid Time! features mostly squid art, whether it's photography, gallery art, t-shirts, or toys. The pictured LED quilt they featured is from Fiber Arts and Quilting.

The popular link blog Laughing Squid has posts about art and culture, but I would imagine that some people go there hoping to find squids. That may have been the reason they also have an offshoot blog called simply Squid, in which they post things that are really squid-related. Image from Squid by Flickr user Scurzuzu.


Noadi's Art Blog follows the life of a Sheryl Westleigh, a sculptor who makes and sells cephalopod-shaped jewelry.


Vulgar Army is a specialty blog that explores the metaphor of the octopus as it has been used in political cartoons and propaganda throughout history, and even today.

Blogs with Octopus Features

Some link blogs cover a broad range of topics, but have a name or theme that makes people search for octopus-related content on those sites. They have that content among the other stuff. Ectoplasmosis is an art and culture blog with a recurring octopus theme. You can see just their octopus-related posts here. In the same manner, CrashOctopus has a variety of art topics, but keeps a well-stocked cephalopod category. Pink Tentacle covers Japanese culture, but has a fondness for cephalopods and a category just for them. Image from Pink Tentacle.