The Quick 10: 10 Non-Twilight Vampire Movies


You don't have to be Team Edward to know there's a serious vampire craze sweeping the world right now. If you're like me and feel the need to counter the Cullens with a little camp, here are 10 vampire movies that might be more up your alley.

1. Dracula Blows His Cool, 1982. If you were suddenly granted ownership of Dracula's castle, there's only one thing you would do with it, right? Vampire Disco. Duh. That's what a photographer and his models do, and when tourists show up, the vampire who lives there (he's actually not Dracula) decides to sink his teeth into the business.
2. Vampires on Bikini Beach, 1988. When will bored teenagers learn that books titled things like The Book of the Dead are not to be messed with? Not in this movie, apparently. A cult of vampires want the book, too, so these Californian kids have to fight to save their beach from the undead.

4. Atom Age Vampire, 1960. A stripper gets in a car accident that ruins her beauty, but never fear: a scientist can help restore her looks. The catch? Well, there's two, actually: the treatment involves killing women for their glands, and the scientist is a horrifying monster who falls in love with the stripper. Yikes. Double whammy.

5. Haunted Cop Shop, 1984. Vampires invade a meat-packing plant. Seriously, what else do you need to know?

6. Samson vs. the Vampire Women, 1961. Samson is a wrestler who has to save a bunch of male slaves being held captive by sexy vampire women. Sound like a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode? It was.

7. Bloodsucking Redneck Vampire, 2004. It's the poor man's True Blood, except the residents of this movie live in the town of Backwash instead of Bon Temps.

8. Batman Fights Dracula, 1967. Just as it sounds. It's not Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman, though, it's a Filipino actor named Jing Abalos.

9. Vampire Cop Ricky, 2006. Did you guys know that mosquitoes from Transylvania infect people with a vampire virus? It's true - at least, it is according to this relatively recent South Korean film.

10. Blacula, 1972. This film is such a cult classic, it seems a shame to include it alongside these other. In case you've never seen it, an African prince is cursed by Dracula himself, turning him into Blacula. When he wakes up 200 years later, he roams L.A. in search of his princess.

Do you have a great/terrible vampire movie to add to the list? I'm always looking to add to my already out-of-control Netflix queue.

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