The Quick 10: 10 Weird Places to Tie the Knot


Getting married in a church is nice and all, but it's awfully expected (I'm not knocking it - I got married in a church). These days, people like to get married in places that have special meaning to them - no matter how bizarre. Here are 10 quite non-traditional places to say "I Do."

1. in the middle of a marathon

. Where else but Vegas, of course. During the Las Vegas Marathon, people can stop at mile five to get married in a quick, three-minute ceremony. The reverend is a runner too, so you won't even have to break your stride.

2. Garbage Dump.

Maybe I'm a bit prissy, but if I had a $7,000 wedding dress, I definitely wouldn't be dragging it through a garbage dump. But that's what this bride did. She met her groom because he was the station manager at the place where she took her recycling, so they figured it was the perfect place to cement the relationship. I just can't get over what it must have



3. The 99 Cent Store. What better way to celebrate 9/9/09 than by getting married at the 99 Cent Store in aisle nine? That's exactly what nine couples did last year at the 99 Cent Store Hollywood branch. The store's wares were used for everything from cutlery to the bridal gowns.

4. The (fake) Titanic. Call me crazy, but I'm not sure I like the symbolism of getting married on the world's most famous shipwreck. But some people do - and more than just a few. There's a whole wedding package offered at the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri (where else?). It includes vows on a replica of the ship's grand staircase and a ceremony presided over by a Captain Edward Smith lookalike. Iceberg not included.

5. The (real) Titanic. Even worse, in 2001, a couple won the opportunity to take a mini submarine down to check out the remains of the Titanic. While they were there, they figured, why not get married? Despite the controversy - many felt it was deeply disrespectful to the many people who died in the wreck - New Yorkers David Leibowitz and Kimberley Miller tied the knot in the sub resting on the ship's bow.

6. Walmart. This isn't that uncommon, actually - Walmart weddings have taken place in New Hampshire, Utah, and California. I met Paul when we both worked at Target in college and I can't even imagine considering getting married there. And I love Target.

7. At a funeral. This one is sweet, heartbreaking and a bit odd all at the same time. Amilcar Hill and Rahwa Ghirmatizion had a seven-year-old son who constantly asked his parents to get married. When young Asa was killed in a car accident while riding with his grandfather, the couple decided to honor his wish and get married at his funeral.

8. Burning Man. Enough people do this that Burning Man actually has some tips and tricks for interested couples. l

9. Alcatraz.

Kuoni Travel once offered a package for couples to escape


Alcatraz to get married. It's no longer on their site, although their two other San Francisco wedding packages -

City Hall and Golden Gate Park

- both include tickets to the Rock. However, at least one wedding has taken place there - the light keeper's daughter.

10. Mount Everest. This one is going to require a little prep work, but it has been done. In 2005, a Nepalese couple became the first people to ever get married at the peak of the mountain. Other couples had attempted the feat, but in all cases both of them were not able to make the climb.

Did you get married in an unusual place or know anyone who did? I have friends who got married in Xcaret, Mexico, which is not all that unusual. It was the reception that was crazy - it was held in a cave. It was pretty much the most amazing event I have ever been to in my life.