We're Looking for a Few Good Party-Throwers


Before the launch of Split Decision this fall, we're giving away 25 copies of the game to readers who promise to throw Split Decision parties and send us photos (and video, if you'd like).

Entries have been pouring in, though some of these emails make me nervous:

"I can't stand my husband's goldfish. I'll play him one-on-one. If I win, he has to eat it. We'll invite friends!"
"Since I assume this is a trivia game, my roommates won't just reward knowledge - we'll punish ignorance. (Get one wrong, get Tased!)"
"Did you say Strip Decision?"

(Please don't tase anyone, naked or otherwise.)

We're not just handing out free games to anyone. You need to convince us your party will be special, whether you're hosting four people or forty. Will you hold your party in a famous place? Wear flossy (or ridiculous) costumes? Include minor celebrities, or cardboard cutouts of minor celebrities?

I'm sure you guys can come up with 25 better ideas.

You get an excuse to throw a party. We get the game in front of all your cool friends. Everybody wins! (Unless your party revolves around the losers doing something awful, like pushing the winner's car home in neutral. But still, lots of people win.)

---> To nominate yourself, send your party idea to splitparties@mentalfloss.com!